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Our goal is to help employers better manage the cost of healthcare while providing sound benefits coverage for their employees and increase transparency. Our team will customize a plan that fits your needs and the needs of your employees, by leveraging innovative tools that save money and effectively deliver appropriate healthcare services. In most cases this can be done with little to no out of pocket cost to the employer.

Self-Funded Health Plans

With a traditional fully insured plan, the insurance carrier pays for most of the benefits and offer members small out of pocket expenses in the form of deductibles, copays and coinsurance. In a self funded plan, the employer pays the cost of benefits up to a higher deductible, but purchases stop-loss insurance to reimburse the plan if claim expenses exceed the deductible.

Stop-loss insurance protects the plan against individual catastrophic claims or their total claim expenses exceeding their annual budget. Accelerated Health Solutions works to design solutions to look and feel like a fully-insured plan with one big difference—You own the Claims Reserves. With our Self-Funding options you will obtain several key advantages over a traditional health plan.

  • Lower Costs
  • Limited Risk
  • Flexible Benefit Options
  • Wellness Plan Designs
  • Transparency

supplemental benefits

While the future may bring any number of healthcare and insurance changes, the need to balance cost and coverage remains a constant. Voluntary benefits can provide the flexibility and cost savings that enable you to adapt to changes while providing your employees with the coverage they rely on. Sometimes called “supplemental insurance,” these often employee-paid policies enhance the health and life insurance employers provide.

Our solutions are simple providing cost management to help manage increasing costs, simplifying administration and saving time, benefits communication and education, and providing sound benefit packages to attract and retain high-performing employees. 

Paid directly to the employee, these benefits can be used for things other insurance won’t cover, such as lost wages, out-of-pocket expenses and household bills.

healthcare navigation

Healthcare navigation tools helps employers and their employees navigate the complicated and costly healthcare landscape by eliminating the hassle for employees and optimizing your network with high quality, cost-effective care. Through an unmatched combination of smart technology and the friendly guidance of consultants, this platform simplifies healthcare and helps employees make better healthcare decisions.

This is accomplished with comprehensive support through the entire healthcare journey.

  • Understand Health Benefits and Plans
  • Research and Identify Highly-Rated Cost-Effective Providers
  • Guide to the Right Programs at the Appropriate Time
  • Coordination of Care
  • Compare Costs
  • Medical Bill and Prescription Review

Its time to challenge the status quo


Virtual Care

Virtual Care also known as Telemedicine is changing the way real people access healthcare. The unique blend of technology and engagement is allowing progressive employers to reduce costs, redirect claims and improve care while delivering innovation that consumers demand. Just like Uber did for transportation or OpenTable did for dining, telemedicine services puts members in control of their healthcare through choice, transparency, connectivity, and cost savings never before seen in a single platform.

  • Connect with a doctor = $0 consult fee
  • Radar , an exclusive tool, continuously scans for doctors, pharmacies, hospitals, urgent care centers and even vets in your direct area.
  • Connect your medical insurance plan and track your deductibles to make sure you’re minimizing your out of pocket expenses.
  • Price comparison engines giving you access to shop and compare prices on a variety of prescriptions and medical procedures.

health matching reimbursement account

The HMRA program is an effective, cost-containment tool in any employer plan design. It consists of a monthly, employer contribution on behalf of their participating employees. This monthly, employer contribution is allocated towards participating employees into separated, HMRA group member account balances that the employer owns on their employees’ behalves. 

These HMRA account balances are awarded a first-dollar, medical benefit crediting that grows every month following each employer contribution. Employers will receive up to $2 in benefits or more to be used as medical reserves inside of their employees’ HMRA account balances for every $1 contributed each month as the program progresses. 

The HMRA benefits can be implemented by employers through a separate, plan document to fund a Section 105 HRA plan design  by issuing the Health Matching Account Services HMRA/HRA Visa® Prepaid Card to pay for any of their 213(d) medical expenses.

The HMRA program provides unsurpassed benefits for employer groups of all sizes that will increase a company’s financial strength by allowing it to retain capital that would normally be allocated for employee health care expenses.

The Health Matching Account Services HMRA/HRA Visa® Prepaid Card is issued by The Bancorp Bank pursuant to a license from the Visa® U.S.A Inc. The Bancorp Bank; Member FDIC. Card may not be used everywhere Visa® debit cards are accepted. See Cardholder Agreement for list of eligible goods, services and merchants. Health Matching Reimbursement Accounts are a patent-protected product. Claim cost and frequency may vary by group. Charges and fees may vary by group.