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"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."

— Benjamin Franklin


Supplemental Insurance

Offer a more competitive benefits package. Realize tax savings for you and your employees. Help fill gaps in existing benefit coverages. Consider moving to more affordable medical plans. Enable your employees to tailor the benefits package to help suit their needs.



Telemedicine reduces costs, redirects claims and improves care through innovations. You can access all our life-changing healthcare tools with the click of a button... and connect to a doctor 24x7, anytime, anywhere. Telemedicine can save you time and money.

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Healthcare Navigation

Healthcare Navigation is a platform that eliminates the healthcare hassle for employees and optimizes your network with high quality, cost-effective care. This platform helps employees make simpler, smarter healthcare decisions.



The Health Matching Reimbursement Account (HMRA) medical savings program represents the missing piece in group plan design for employers to not only contain their health care cost increases but to actually experience dramatic savings over time.